Last night was a bit of a blur!!!


Well, after a very successful first day at the office I was introduced to the nightlife of a holiday rep and what can I say, it was eventful but all a bit of a blur. Shots, archers and lemonade followed by even more shots, who thought that was a good idea? I met the local tattoo artists that line bar street and was introduced to the infamous tuna jacket potato Turkish style which if I’m honest was an amazing discovery at the time but not so much the next day when the heartburn kicked in.

It was an amazing night but when the man at the mosque starts singing and you are still partying away you know that it’s going to be a rough day at work. So I finally managed to stumble home, jacket potato in hand and crawled into bed. 2 hours sleep followed by a full day in an office is not my idea of fun but the events of the night before were definitely worth it, well what I can remember of it anyway. You know you have had a good night when your memory is a bit of a blur and you have the pictures to prove it.


One foot into the future

I was on my way, I stepped foot onto the plane and found my seat. Always a window seat as I like to be able to see what is going on, if something is going to happen I want to be able to see it coming, plus I love looking at all the swimming pools as you get closer to landing. It wasn’t the first time I have flown on my own but I was getting more and more excited as I got closer to landing.

Where was I going to be living, would I be living with anyone or would I have my own place? I didn’t even know what the job entailed so I was filled with excitement and worry all at the same time. I arrived at Bodrum airport and collected my bags. I struggled with them put to the coach park and met a row of smiling faces. I told them who I was and they ushered me onto the coach. I was told that I would be staying in an apartment with two other girls for the first week whilst I did my training and then I would be moving onto a different resort to work in an office on my own. So this information filled me with even more unanswered questions that I wouldn’t have answered for another week.

I met the two girls I was going to be staying with and saw the small room I was going to stay in for the week and started to feel a bit more at ease. The girls were lovely and welcoming which was a big relief and as it was late I didn’t have to much time to think too much as I needed to get me uniform ready for the next day and let my mum know that I had arrived in one peace.

I went to bed that night with a few butterflies in my stomach as I had to start work the very next day but it seems that so far I had made the right decision.

Hitting 30 and starting again

2013 has been an interesting year for me so far. At the beginning of the year there were rumours that the school I was working in was going to be closed down, another great idea from Gove, so I thought maybe it’s time for a change. I thought why not jump ship before you are pushed!!!

So after looking around for potential jobs I came across an interesting one which allowed me to move abroad and so on a whim I applied for it, didn’t think I would get it but thought why not. I was surprised a few days later when I received an email asking me to sign up for an interview, I went to the website and all the interview slots had been taken, I thought ce la vie, what will be will be. But then I thought everything doesn’t always get handed to you on a plate so I phoned them and explained I really wanted an interview and they managed to fit me in, I was amazed. I never have any luck but this could have been a sign.

I had the interview 3 days later and I got the job after beating the competition, that is when panick actually began to set in. I realized that I had actually gotten a job which would mean travelling abroad and leaving everything behind, many would say what a dream come true that would be but it opens up a whole new can of worms like who will look after the cat, what about my furniture, missing birthdays?

I tried to push it all to the back of my mind and went back to work the next day. I got a phone call whilst at work asking me if I could fly to Turkey next week, excitement filled me at first as I said I would need to think about it and get back to them. The reality hit and I realised that I wouldn’t be able to leave for another 4 weeks as I had to make sure my students would be ok. Surprisingly, they agreed to this and so that was it, I was going to be flying to Turkey in 4 weeks time. I handed in my notice which in itself was like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I told all my friends at work that I would be leaving. It was a major shock for them as I had told no one but they were happy for me.

The next thing I had to organise was my life, I had to pack up everything I owned and my lovely mother agreed to look after the cat. The next few weeks were filled with hectic shopping trips getting together everything I would need for 6 months in the sun, the factor 50 was a must as I turn into a lobster as soon as I look at the sun, flip flops for those days on the beach and toiletries as I heard that Turkey didn’t have a great selection.

I was only allowed to take 2 suitcases with me so the fact that I had to fit a life’s time worth of clothes into these two suitcases is an absolute nightmare. After packing and then repacking about a thousand times I had it sorted. I managed to donate a load of clothes to the local charity shop, some might I say that I forgot I had bought and I had never even worn and a few things I kept back ready for the winter months.

The fateful flight was fast approaching and I had everything organised, it is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. I was ready. I had my flight tickets emailed to me, I had signed all the paperwork and sent it back, films ready for the plain, favourite book bought and paid for, here I go!!!